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Known Conflicts

     •  Overview
     •  Windows 10 Metro (tile) apps and Edge Web browser
     •  Anti-virus & Anti-malware programs
     •  Anti-virus Installed & related browser tool bars
     •  Office 2013 on up & Office 365
     •  Norton Antivirus
     •  Kaspersky 2015 & 2016
     •  AVG Security Suite 2015 & 2016
     •  Comodo Antivirus & Security Suite
     •  AppGuard
     •  BitDefender Total Security&Antivirus 2015/16
     •  Nightly Web Browser
     •  Pidgin IM Client
     •  GOG Galaxy
     •  Steam Online Games
     •  Nuance OmniPage
     •  Nuance Advanced PDF Pro
     •  PunkBuster
     •  Sticky Password
     •  Trusteer Rapport
     •  Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition
     •  ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Version 8
     •  Canon Printers, Canon Easy-WebPrint
     •  HP Universal Print Driver
     •  iTunes for Windows
     •  Chrome and Flash Plug in


This sections names some third-party programs which are known to be incompatible to some degree with Sandboxie. Not all incompatible software is known, and some software may not be compatible. In some cases, either Sandboxie or the conflicting program can be configured in some way to resolve the incompatibility. For current update list & to post information regarding problems with Sandboxie and 3rd party programs, please go to our forum here

Many known conflicts can be easily resolved by activating application configurations in Sandboxie Control. For more information on activating configurations, please see Sandbox Settings > Applications. The Software Compatibility tool, reachable from the Configure menu in Sandboxie Control, can detect some third-party software, and recommend configurations to activate.

Windows 10 Metro (tile) apps and Edge Web browser

Problem: Edge browser or metro apps will not work in sandboxie v5+.

Solution: None at this time. Otherwise, Windows 10 and Sandboxie v5+ is compatible with each other. Older versions of Sandboxie are not compatible at all with Windows 10.

Solution:If you fail to change your Windows 10 default web browser (Edge) and you click on "run browser sandboxed" Sandboxie will automatically load IE 11 (which is included in Windows 10.) (You must use SBIE Version 5+ with Windows 10, any version before v5 will NOT work with Windows 10.)

Please visit the forum for current updates in regards to Windows 10.

Anti-virus & Anti-malware programs

Website: Updated supported suites-Sandboxie Forum:

Problem: Issues with "x" AV and anti-malware programs.

Solution: There may be work arounds to adjust Sandboxie and/or the product so that they may be compatible with each other. Recommend posting information in our user forum so it may be investigated.

Anti-virus Installed & related browser tool bars

Problem: Unexpected problems with web browsers when running sandboxed when Anti-virus and related tool bars are installed.

Solution: Attempt to remove / or disable any installed tool-bars and relaunch your sandboxed browser.

Solution: Some tool bars may not be compatible with Sandboxie when a browser is run sandboxed. However, may do work without any issue or with minor adjustment. Please visit our forum for more information and resources.

Office 2013 on up & Office 365

Problem: MS Office 2013, 2016 and Office 365 will crash when sandboxed. This includes Outlook 2013 and up. (Click to run Versions only)

Partial Solution: Depends on the installer package of Office 2013. Office 2013 came in (2) installation packages. The regular MSI version and the Click-To-Run version. It's the Click to Run version of Both Office 2013 & Office 365 that will not work. To determine what version you have, please visit Note: Office 365 is Click-To-Run only.

Solution #2. Use a non-Click-To-Run version of Office (2013 and older) or Google Docs, Libre Office, OpenOffice, MS Office 2010 or older. All support MS document formats.

Norton Antivirus

Problem: Firefox may not load, or load after a significant delay when sandboxed with Norton installed

Solution: In Norton, under Administrative Settings, disable both options under "Firefox Cleanup"

Conclusion: Should the above tip not work, Norton should be removed so that Sandboxie may function correctly as your primary online protection.

Kaspersky 2015 & 2016

Home Page:

Problem: Sandboxie will crash with KS 2015/16 installed

Solution: None at this time. KS 2015 and 2016 is not compatible with Window 10 & Sandboxie. It has also shown incompatibility with Sandboxie and Windows 7 & 8/8.1. Kaspersky must NOT be installed, otherwise Sandboxie will not work.

AVG Security Suite 2015 & 2016

Home Page:

Problem: Sandboxie may not function correctly with AVG installed

Solution: Add the sandboxie folder to AVGs "Exclusions" option inside of AVG. More info here in our forum

Comodo Antivirus & Security Suite

Home Page:

Problem: Sandboxie may not function with comodo installed.

Solution: Following Sandboxie files must be added to Comodo's Exclusion list



Home Page:

Problem: Web browser fails to start under the supervision of Sandboxie or sandboxie may crash.

Solution: c:\sandbox an exception folder (on the Guarded Apps tab) and NOT to add c:\sandbox to user-space policy.

Solution: Please see this forum topic.

Solution: Please see this forum post as well..

BitDefender Total Security&Antivirus 2015/16

Home Page:

Problem: Sandboxie version 4+ and version 5+ is incompatible with BitDefender Antivirus to some small extent.

Solution: Adjust shield settings in BitDefender. Modules > Antivirus > click on the gear "icon" >GO to Active Threat Control > and move the slider to "Off" - Delete SBIE Sandbox Contents & relaunch the browser.

Nightly Web Browser

Problem: Nightly does not function when sandboxed.

Solution: None at this time. Nightly is a very experimental and unstable test platform.

Pidgin IM Client

Problem: Cut and paste in the Pidgin chat window while sandboxed will cause Pidgin to crash.

Solution: None at this time.

GOG Galaxy


Problem: Games from GOG Galaxy may not run while sandboxed.

Solution: Current version of GOG Galaxy *does* work. You have to "force" GOG Program folder so that it works correctly within a SB. Thus, you will need a paid version of SBIE.

Steam Online Games


Problem: Not all Steam games will function while Sandboxed.

Solution: Most games can work. However, there are reports that some simply may not. If you run into a problem with a Steam Game, please let us know by posting the details in our forum here:

Nuance OmniPage

Home Page:

Problem: Internet Explorer performs very slowly when run sandboxed.

Solution: Use the Startup tab of the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe) to disable the automatic start of OpwareSE4.exe.

Nuance Advanced PDF Pro

Problem: SBIE2224 error

Solution: By default, Windows 10 uses Edge to open PDFs. Edge is not supported. Please use another PDF viewer. Nuance is not supported at this time


Home Page:

Problem: PunkBuster-enabled games are aborted with the message "Unknown Windows API Function" or "Service Communication Failure".

Note: Applies to PunkBuster client version 1.500 or higher.


Sticky Password

Home Page:

Problem: Login/password information is not pasted into a web browser running under Sandboxie.

Solution: Turn off the Sandboxie [#] marks in the window title. See Sandbox Settings > Appearance settings page.

More info here:

Trusteer Rapport

Home Page:

Problem: Trusteer Rapport software will not install or run under Sandboxie.

Solution: None (as of Sept 2015) To use Trusteer Rapport, run the web browser outside the sandbox.

Webroot AntiSpyware Corporate Edition

Home Page:

Problem: Sandboxie does not start with Webroot installed.

Solution: None. Webroot must not be installed for Sandboxie to work. An updated list of support AV programs can be found here:

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Version 8

Home Page:

Problem: Computer becomes unresponsive after closing the last sandboxed program.


Canon Printers, Canon Easy-WebPrint

Home Page:

Problem: Popup error window: Direct OCR Error: An error with Direct OCR caused a memory conflict in your open applications. Please restart Windows.

Note: Although the Canon Easy-WebPrint toolbar attaches to Internet Explorer, this error reportedly occurs when running Firefox sandboxed.

Solution: Remove the Canon Easy-WebPrint toolbar software.

HP Universal Print Driver

Home Page:

Problem: The HP Universal Printer Status Monitor pop-up component is failing when printing from a sandboxed Web browser.

Solution: Open Sandbox Settings > Resource Access > COM Access, click Add and enter this resource name:

iTunes for Windows

Home Page:

Problem: Running iTunes for Windows "as sandboxed" OR installing iTunes within a sandbox

Solution: None at this time. Installing iTunes within a sandbox is not possible and it will fail as drivers are not permitted to be installed within a sandbox. Running iTunes "as sandboxed" will work somewhat, but you will constantly receive "trusted installer" errors and any sync between iPhone or iPad is not possible.

Chrome and Flash Plug in


Problem: Plugins that use NPAPI, including Silverlight, Java, and Unity, won’t work

Solution: NPAPI plugins can't be enabled, so if you want to use a website that uses an NPAPI plugin, you’ll need to use a different web browser.

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